A note from the artist:
Life changes so quickly and many things have changed over the last year.  I had rather paint than update my website ... so change here is slow... but I hope to have the site updated in the next couple of months.
My name has changed...life happens.. 
Again, creating a website is a lot tougher than I ever imagined, and therefore some of the work here was sold by the time I finished. I will update as I go, so be patient as I learn


                                                                               REIGNING FROG ART 

Barbara McGiboney

About the Artist

is an imaginative painter who is driven by an incredible passion for expression through art. Her works are often noted for their diverse styles, vivid color, and variety of technique. 

She has developed a unique style using acrylics that blends realism with abstract expressionism; 
however, she also works with watercolor and oils  with more traditional subjects.  Yet, it is her use of vibrant color in all mediums that is absolutely striking and makes her work breathtakingly unique. 

Barbara told me
recently, "I think artist should make sure that they foster an environment that serves to develop a curiosity, interest, or love of art in everyone they come into contact with...we should strive to make art affordable...everyone should own original art". 

 shows are lively and the artist has as many stories as she has unique paintings.  She is genuinely interested in the young artists who attend and is willing to take time from a hectic show to talk with each of them.

Her paintings can be found overseas as well as throughout the country. 

   Barbara is a most interesting individual whose art is on the verge of an explosive leap onto the front page of art news.































Although Barbara offers her work for sale via several venues she believes that art can  support many other wonderful causes  benefiting so many within our communities.

Some of these are listed on the Art Related Work page for those interested in more information.
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